It’s a normal day, nothing special about the environment or something  just that the day has been tasked with a huge responsibility. The responsibility of reminding people of their fathers. still wonder why it has to be once yet its a lifetime title.

Most of us looked upon our father[stands for all type of fathers,father figure, stepfather,god-father and grand father] as the strongest person in your life, one capable of dealing with any calamity, tragedy and incident that could befall us. We added the super in the human in them,made them bigger and greater than they really were.

When we cried or were hurt they could talk us out of it, and make the matter look so stupid. once they held our hands nothing could stop us, felt like we had an angel by our side. but truth be told some grew up looking upon the men in the community as their father figures, their fathers were never around or were the drunkards of the county! got to appreciate them too for they contributed to your existence otherwise you could not be known or even imagined of.

As we grow, we forget the little things they did and they end up being a man in your life with just a superior title, some get jobs, leave home and go for months only to come home once in a while, the old man is slowly draining to an illness but you are too busy to notice all you do is send money thinking it will repay all the hard work he put on you.

Today the world forces you to remember him, you type the simple ‘happy fathers day’  message and send only to get the rude reply back. he has no ideas who you are! Rude shock? No its a rude awakening you have never called him lately!

In short appreciate before time catches up and give you a thorough beating of the mind. it’s never too late to appreciate, however bad or good your father was is and will ever be, you will never deduct the father in him!

A big shout out to the father of my son, for giving me the biggest treasure and another  life and his future father hope you will be the best, to my father for bringing me up in the strictest best way he could manage thank you!

And to all the fathers present or absent. enjoy fatherhood while it lasts.


my keyboard  just died…..




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