• The footsteps fade with every step he takes,

    the winds blow away every sigh he makes,

    the mumbles he talks are carried away with the bird flocks,

    nature is in a fight for his past,

    perhaps reminding him the future is there to see,

    the cold chill fills burning heart mind and soul,

    derives him off the earth his feet steps on,

    turns to a hollow,

    he walks on fading steps,

    the darkness in the light his guide,

    every time he looks behind he sees erasing streets,

    every step deletes the old from sight,

    their walls crack and hide every dirt,

    no longer a rogue soul on earth,

    he wanders around still in the circle,

    no path on site to help him off,

    the voices in his mind defer with the whispers in his ears,

    the seduction of the heart leads to another,

    he sits on the cloud to weigh where the paths lead,

    his past no longer available to guide through,

    every path has its flaw,

    he sets focus on the world,

    sees parts he never saw,

    the city of emptiness,

    waiting for a start,

    everything a reciprocal,

  • a chance to build again,

    start on other perfect flaws,

    the city of angels all with no past,

    just blank spaces to start a line on,

    yarn it to draw your character and mind,

    he opens his eyes,

    alas! back to the present,

    The city of lies, deception, violence,corruption and injustice,

    shaken by whatever had taken part,

    rises up and who makes the city the city,

    and where does change start from,

    who are we without the past to guide us,

    join the dots,

    create the clots,

    get the picture?,

    get me?



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