Stumbles upon the feet,

curses down upon the stones and earth,

the walls she holds on stare at her blankly,

already used to her state,

she talks out loud cursing,

the beast in her all let loose,

the piercings deeply engraved in her,

making her hate on the beast,

she falls on the graveside of her husband and children.

those who knew the language of the beast,

victims of the pleasures from it,

she curses in tears,

perhaps they would understand her tears,

the ones that speak to her,

and cuddle her face to sleep,

what was the purpose of building on a nation,

that its foundation had leaks,

that when they cracked they buried humans,

who followed the road,

with no clue of their destination,

all she wanted was never to feel again,

die and be numb,

forgotten by the world she knew.

her beast went cold,

dead by the pain she bore  bare,

her eyes too sore to see the future,

how could she start again,

rise again,

not sure how many yards away the enemy lies,

the nations forgotten living corpse,

the victims of love,

the heart, the beast in her,

hidden in her shadow of herself!



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