Of golddiggers and goldiggers!

Rises every morning to that cold breeze, prepares her baby for school, drops him off and continues with her journey to the mine. She digs all day looking for gold, works her ass off in the struggle to get some cash, her hands are rough and worn out, she is a golddigger! Well that was the first definition, but seems like every moment a word gets another urban definition, the likes of ass, pussy, weed, bitch and the likes anyway life happens. So here is the other definition of a golddigger; rises up at around noon, takes a glass of juice and hannesy or whatever the whiskey her heart wants to burn in, she checks her mails and updates on bank accounts, then calls up her moneybag and asks if she can get the cheque so she can collect her porsche, and why do you call her a golddigger and yet she has not been near a mine? Literally speaking! Call her what she is and respect the real golddiggers… My braincells just got chained


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