I hear her voice,

it echoes in my thoughts,

runs deep,

silent voice!

it draws itself in every board,

every road,

forming shadows upon everything,

I speak for her,

as the world curses upon her feet,

spit on her image,

split her life,

call her immoral and despise her,

they have stripped her off her heart,

she walks bare for all to see,

the tatters and scars they have tattooed in her,

but they see nothing,

they forget life ripped her,

dirtied her,

and threw her to the pits,

the self-righteous ran to judge,

turned themselves to gods!

self-made judges,

I speak for her,

for the shadows that pull her back,

burn her face with rage,

her voice is numb,

but her words run deep,

what is to human if not humanity,

she is a widow of war,

lost her beloved to the battle of minds,

She is the corpse that walks day and night,

the streets her home,

lost in the darkness of light,

the banned!





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