Just something I decided to write for the love of the English game, as they say the beastly game played by gentlemen. It was not meant to be perfect for anyone or meet certain standards, just a thought from the heart.

The fans sit down and wait,

the glory awaits them,

the gentlemen to watch,Adi

two sips of cold water and takes a sigh,

stares at the warriors of the game,

fixes them with that big smile,

the chants and names flow,

they nod for that moment,

you can see the pressure and passion caught in the middle,

they tighten their boots and stretch,

some familiar faces, happy faces and encouraging smiles,

they hold a brief chant a little, and position,

time to work it out,

combine the struggles,strengths and pain,

time for the line-outs, scrum and tackle hard,

all for the battlefield,

bleed for victory and progress,

the passes, and the runs that drive the crowds mad,

the tense cheers,

high in the moment,

they run with soldiers as they run for the glory,

whatever happens, they hold on,

march and soldier on with them,

what matters is the hunt is on,

Awakened souls!


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