Too much

How much is too much?
breakups and makeups,
Beginnings and ends,
Tears and smiles,
Fresh starts, running from love, hiding from the pains, trying to fall all over again, but the heart will not unlock,
It won’t let go of the past rage and let new create,
Hearts pump blood,
Lungs cleanse air,
We atimes let our hearts bleed in suffocation and forget to let in fresh air,


We sometimes hold on too much,
to learn to let go becomes a hard lesson,
Sometimes a lot goes on that we die in the mess,
Learn to breathe again, but we are no longer the same person we were, pieces fixed but still got cracks that remind us of who we were.
How much is too much?
Lies, deception, rage, love,pain and bitterness.
How much is too much to stop and learn to fall in love with one self, learn to fall for ourselves.


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