Ready when you are!

You know that I’ll never be,

Maybe his world is enough for both of us,

But mine is in battle, clearly not open for visits,

From the inside I float in an ocean if tears, which I shushed down to hiding,

That feisty look that I cover with gave them a run, shame.

Then there is the past,

Good Lord!

It is not a friendly ghost; probably closer to the nightmares than smiley dreams.

They keep the mind on toes, working all sorts of shifts,  and sometimes they lock you out of your heart, 

what a past,  pestering you to depression.

Breaking your heart re-living it every single time, the disappointments, the pain and the sleepless night,

Torturing you through it all,  it promises to do so until you admit it’s existence, make peace with it and close its doors.

But you never planned to, all you do is cover it and push it far into some forest in your brain hoping it never finds its way back.

You remember how it changed you,

you started picking pieces from people, walking away from them, and piling them in a hollow!

Breaking them too, from the beauty to a beast, you never want to look at a mirror, what you see might open too many doors to escape from,

You are lost,  I am lost.

Ready when you are,

You know I need time,

A whole lot of it,

Not sure you have that on your side,

You might just leave as you are,

Let  me pick the pieces,   try to mend the holes, knit the stitches back together,

When I will be ready, I will be ready to see the world,  maybe your world too.


Not yet!

Off we go…


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